Notebook lust

7 Jun

This morning, co-worker Ron tipped me off to the international paper section at Vickerey, and Papeterie Collette.

I love notebooks, and would buy them by the cartload if I could. Especially really high quality ones; but then I rarely write in them because I feel a notebook THAT nice shouldn’t be used for just any old type of writing. So mainly I use the index cards in my Hipster PDA.

Ron is even more into notebooks than I am, but his attitude toward them is healthier. For instance, he uses one of his Moleskines to log his hours and activities during the workday. If I’d thought of that, it would have seemed like scrubbing the floor with a Vera Wang gown. But that’s just silly–they’re made to be written in, not placed lovingly on a desk and dusted periodically.

New resolution: use my good notebooks more often.

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