Bloglines, Exchange Server 2003, and mobility

9 Jun

O, fresh eyes: I’m inordinately happy about my discovery that the Microsoft Exchange Team has a blog, and that I can subscribe to its feed using Bloglines. I write more about Exchange Server 2003 than anything else, so being able to get the latest dope from the product team is incredibly helpful. I AM TEH INSIDER! Me and the eighty-five million other people who subscribe.

The recent announcements about SP2 really perked my ears up–particularly the new mobility features. (See here and here.) Mobility, either using Outlook Web Access or mobile devices, is a huge aspect of so many Exchange Server 20003 stories. I’m always hearing implementors say, “We really didn’t think that mobile devices would catch on, but within a month we had dozens of requests from managers and execs for Smartphones.”

VIPs love things that help them get out of the office while staying connected to work. This is truth.

So, this direct push technology: damn. I was lucky enough to be part of the group that test-drove BlackBerry devices at my old IT job in San Diego. It was very useful, and the device really caught on when we went live. But if we could have accomplished the same thing using our existing Exchange servers instead of installing a BlackBerry server, I’m almost certain the company would have gone that route.

Sounds like Yahoo! is also causing RIM some headaches, according to The Register.

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