Lost in Spaces

15 Jun

In a Wall Street Journal column, Walter S. Mossberg says that MSN Spaces rocks the house, blogging tool-wise. (I’m linking to his MSN Spaces blog and not the column, which I believe is slated to join its brothers and sisters in the “paid subscribers” section tomorrow.)

I’m glad I read about this (in Scoble’s blog, natch), because up until then I’d been confusing MSN Spaces with MySpace.com. Whenever I visited the latter site I wondered where the MSN logo had gone. But it turns out that there are Spaces all over the place, a plethora of Spaces. I opted not to occupy any of them for this blog. They offered me Features, and Functionality, and (shudder) Community. Man, all I want is a place to put words.

I’m all about keeping it simple these days. For example, you will note that my PDA is made of a small stack of index cards and a binder clip.

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  1. zia June 16, 2005 at 5:53 am #

    Yeah, they’ve got it all wrong. Blogging is NOT about building community. (At least not primarily.)

    No, indeedy.

    It’s about a socially-acceptable form of narcissism that’s a lot cheaper than therapy.

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