What’s this ticking thing on my wrist? OH MY GOD IS IT A BOMB?

23 Jun

Robert Daeley meditates on the topic of Zen Pockets in his blog. (Found via 43folders.com, a source for much goodness in the world.)

I recently lightened my load by taking almost all of the cards out of my wallet, leaving only what I figured were the essentials. The second tier items I fastened together with a binder clip to form a neat stack that I keep close at hand in my car.

Daeley’s post has made me take another look at my encumbrances. (I love the word “encumber” and its variations. It reminds me of being 14 years old and playing Dungeons and Dragons.) Specifically, my watch. When was the last time I looked at my watch in order to tell time? My car stereo displays the time. My computers at work and at home display the time. Ditto the VCR, the DVD player, my cell phone, and of course the mankei neko wall clock in the dining room. What do I need a watch for again?

Many years ago (when I was young and full of sap) I decided to live watchless for a while to see if it made any difference in my life. I felt lighter, freer without it. I discovered that most of the time, I really didn’t care what hour it was. I wasn’t any earlier or later to appointments than I’d been when I wore a watch. Eventually I put it back on because…I don’t know, I guess I liked the way watches look. But I may take it off again now.

I’m also considering the Jimi pocket wallet as a totin’ alternative. One of my pals in Ballard whipped out a Jimi at dinner a couple of weeks ago and it looked mighty nifty. (I also like the phrase “whip out a Jimi,” and could probably use it more if I had one.) But! Where would I keep it? Given that it’s hard plastic, carrying it in my back pocket might prove uncomfortable. My HPDA and Space Pen are in my shirt pocket (when I have a shirt pocket) and that’s about as much as I can put in it without looking like a complete dork. Hmm.

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