Keeping the watch is GO.

24 Jun

So yesterday I started paying attention to how often I check my watch, and under what circumstances. (For example, seeing how much longer I could loiter with some co-workers in the sun-drenched front courtyard drinking Ben & Jerry’s milkshakes before I had to go back inside and interview a technology partner in Australia.)

Yeah, I use my watch. More than I realize, apparently. And using my cell phone as a pocketwatch really isn’t practical, considering that I almost never have it on me.

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One Response to “Keeping the watch is GO.”

  1. zia June 27, 2005 at 10:53 pm #

    Watches and microwaves have a lot in common. For me, anyway. When you have one, you can’t live without it, and when you don’t … you don’t think about it.

    When I wore a watch, I couldn’t imagine life without it. Since I’ve taken it off (steve didn’t like it because a) it scratched him and b) an ex gave it to me), I’ve been footloose and fancy free … and anyway, I always have my cell phone to tether me to reality and the time…

    So here’s the experiment. Take it OFF for a week, and see what happens by day 3.

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