Process, not product (plus monkeys and rubber duckies.)

14 Jul

“There’s no such thing as writer’s block: it’s always about putting your focus somewhere it shouldn’t be, which is always on *product* — outcome, whether it’ll be liked, what might happen if you say a certain thing, etc.

“I’ve learned to consistently get myself out of a block by pulling my attention back to the work I’m doing at the moment, the process rather than the product.”

— Hamish MacDonald, in a reply to Merlin Mann’s post “Hack your way out of writer’s block”

I have found this to be totally true, man. I choke when I try to write and at the same time try to anticipate how the piece I’m writing will be received by its many and various readers.

But you can’t beat Merlin’s first tip: Talk to a monkey (a form of Rubber Ducking).

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