Livin’ the life of Riley

21 Jul

I have a case study due tomorrow. Our senior writer said it would be okay for me to work on it from home this morning, before I had to come in to the office and interview a customer at one o’clock. I wanted to write in solitude because I’m more productive that way. Problem was, my artist wife who works from home ALSO felt a need to work in solitude.

Did I say problem? More like an OPPORTUNITY! Instead of working from home, I packed up my laptop and went to Metropolitan Market. After picking up a tall cup of hot peach-ginger tea and a croissant at the bakery, I settled in at a small table in the mezzanine and got to work. I spent three productive hours up there, typing away while enjoying the Met’s piped-in classical music. Then I bought some flowers for the missus and headed out.

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