My global presence, and dang smoochers!

24 Aug

The other evening I stayed late at the office to work on a case study. We use MSN Messenger here for IMing, and at around six o’clock or so I saw our Singapore office log in. That was kinda cool.

I’m here early this morning to lead an account team call with a Microsoft rep in Sweden.

I’m so very, very sleepy. My wife and I went to a barbecue last night and, though we left at a reasonable hour (pleading Sweden-related activities early the next morning), I still got to bed later than usual. And then at 1:30 A.M. we were awoken by a young woman screaming what sounded like bloody murder down the street. I stumbled out of bed, grabbed my cell phone and keys and headed outside to see what the ruckus was.

Fortunately, though annoyingly, it turned out to be a couple of kids whooping it up. But then of course I had to search the apartment to make sure one of our cats didn’t slip out while the door was open; and then I lay awake in bed for another hour and a half. Bah! Kids.

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