29 Aug

The missus and I visited Office Depot this weekend. I was looking for some humble yet sturdy item to protect printouts so they don’t get creased or mangled in my backpack. I found all sorts of options, but the item that blew my mind was a three-ring binder/accordion file/carrying case by Case-It.

It’s a nylon zip-up three-ring binder with a carrying handle — like a briefcase. And it contains a shoulder strap. And, AND, it has a detachable nylon accordion file folder. Both have zippered mesh pockets here and there on it. It’s like carrying your office around with you in a bag!

So the thing is, I want it.

I just can’t figure out how much I NEED it.

Maybe what I should really do is get myself a grownup-quality man bag and some accessories (poly folders, a slim 3-ring binder, etc.) to keep papers separated and organized in it.

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