23 Sep

Holy Moe, my Web site is finally back up.

It was a DNS issue, which they fixed.

Except the site was still down, so it wasn’t.

So then they fixed its IP address. How its IP address got broken, I do not know.

(Actually, they said it was my IP address that was broken, conjuring visions of a future in which each individual is a node on a vast computerized network. I used to have nightmares like that, back when I was in IT–that I was “down” somehow, and I was working unsuccessfully with other technicians to bring myself back online.)

Anyway, to the one person who reads this blog that I’m aware of, HEY, ZIA! MY SITE’S BACK UP! WOO HOO!

Tonight my wife and I are going color-pin bowling with some folks from work and a pair of geologists from Microsoft. I have no idea what Microsoft does that requires multiple geologists. Perhaps I’ll learn!

Okay, back to writing.

2 Responses to “It…LIVES!”

  1. zia September 27, 2005 at 8:59 am #


    So, don’t you have some sort of stats thingie? I am endlessly fascinated by mine. It makes me feel popular, hip, and cool. Which we all know I’m not.

  2. Wade Rockett September 27, 2005 at 9:36 am #

    You are SO popular, hip, and cool. Well, actually I can’t back up “popular” because I do not have access to your stats thingy.

    Now, Blogger doesn’t have a built-in stats thingy, does it? It’s a third party gizmo you plug in? What do you use?

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