Alternate headline: Microsoft and Yahoo! Unite in Frantic Attempt to Destroy Google Talk

12 Oct

Microsoft and Yahoo! Announce Landmark Interoperability Agreement to Connect Consumer Instant Messaging Communities Globally

That’s a hell of a lot of syllables. But I don’t blame the copywriter, because I’m 99% sure she originally wrote something like, “Microsoft and Yahoo! Announce Landmark IM Interoperability Agreement” and both companies returned it covered in comments and edits.

“Add ‘consumer’ so people won’t think they can use LCS to IM people who are using Yahoo! Messenger.”

“We can’t assume the reader will know what ‘IM’ means–spell it out.”

“We want the words ‘connect,’ ‘global,’ and ‘community’ in there to support our product messaging.”

Speaking of Google, Robert X. Cringely served up some piping-hot food for thought a coupla months ago with Has Google Peaked? The Biggest Threat to Microsoft Might Not Be Those G-men at All, but Apple.

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