"Strike yer colors, ye bloomin’ cockaroaches!" (BOOM!)

1 Nov

So a few weeks ago, Google launched the personalized Google home page

…and today, Microsoft launched Windows Live. It’s war!

But wait, there’s more! ZDNet tells us that,

People will also be able to add non-Web items, such as a corporate SharePoint server or recently opened documents, to the Windows Live home page.

…Also included is an AJAX-based Windows Live mail client that connects to Hotmail or other addresses. The Web client resembles Microsoft’s Outlook e-mail program and can warn people about Internet fraud phishing scams.

There is also a Windows Live Messenger program that provides traditional instant messaging alongside some social networking features, such as the ability to view your circle of IM buddies. (Members have the right to say whether they want to be included in the viewable circle.)

In the demonstration, Irving showed how Windows Live Messenger offers the ability to make phone calls over the Internet, from a PC to a traditional phone.

Also for those who opt in, Microsoft has a new live business card that updates contact information online and on a PC any time that the information changes.

The other big news is that there will be an online Web-based version of the Office suite–free with ads, or by subscription.

I use Firefox as my primary browser. To my surprise and delight, the message I got at the Windows Live home page was, “Firefox support is coming soon. Please be patient :-)” WOW. It is? I’m…I’m floored.

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