Who the devil are these "Beatles"?

1 Nov

I’m working offsite at Third Place Commons, trying to finish a 10-15 page white paper on the Microsoft Operations Framework by day’s end. I spent all day here yesterday as well, writing amid the chatter of patrons, the rattling of pots and pans and dishes, and the many cooking smells.

This morning, however, the tables in the common area that are normally occupied by laptop monkeys like myself have been hijacked by people who are just…sitting there. They’re reading, and talking, and there are a lot of them. They have no need for power outlets! Begone, fools!

It turns out that they’re here to buy tickets at noon to attend a future book signing by some British aristocrat who is also a popular music performer. To celebrate my inconvenience, the establishment is playing some of his grating “boogie-woogie” music over the loudspeakers overhead. How can a man concentrate of describing MOF’s service quadrants with some balderdash about a yellow submarine tinkling all around him? Fie!

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