Plug-in bullshit detector for Word

7 Nov

From the blog of A. J. Kandy, Creative Director of King Marketing:

Deloitte and Touche – who, during the gung-ho 90s, spawned many of the more laughable examples of corporatespeak – at least took responsibility for their monster. They put together an in-house team that created Bullfighter, a plugin for Word that sends up a flare if you use “leverage,” “synergy,” and “competency” in the same sentence.

Some details from the Bullfighter FAQ:

The Bull Composite includes the Bull Index and the Flesch Reading Ease indices. The Bull Index counts the frequency and severity of jargon, while Flesch focuses on sentence length and syllable count. If you want to clean up your score quickly, look for the ‘High’ penalty bull terms when you run Bullfighter. Nasty words like “leverage” hurt your score far more than innocuous but overused words like “global.”

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