I am not obsessed with Microsoft (Plus: the Ozzie memo)

9 Nov

Okay, maybe I am obssessed with Microsoft. And why wouldn’t I be? I write about their products and services all the time.

And they really are the 800-pound gorilla of the area, tech-wise. I would probably be equally obssessed with Amazon if I could find an equal amount of technology coverage devoted to what they’re up to.

Speaking of coverage: Microsoft CTO Ray Ozzie, WHOM I HAD NEVER HEARD OF TILL NOW, dropped some major science about the company’s vision for the future in a recent memo.

Ozzie identified three new key tenets Microsoft must embrace within the context of their products and services:

  1. The power of the advertising-supported economic model (such as Google’s.)
  2. The effectiveness of a new, Internet-enabled, grassrooots delivery and adoption model.
  3. The demand for compelling, integrated user experiences that “just work” (such as the iPod: a combination of hardware, software, and services via iTunes.)
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