Geek Nostalgia Day: TSR catalog scans and Ultima IV music

15 Nov

Oh, lordy. A whole pack of memories just got dredged up from the murky depths of my consciousness and they’re floating around willy-nilly. My brain can’t decide if I’m 13, 18, or 38.

Wolfgang Baur‘s posted scans of the 1981 TSR Hobbies catalog over on LiveJournal. The title font alone sends me straight back to those days spent wandering alone through the Meadows Mall in Las Vegas: the pizza place at the food court, the candle shop (candles shaped like wizards, dragons, and skulls), Waldenbooks, and–saving the best for last–the Gamekeeper.

The Bard’s Library has midi files of the music from the computer game Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar. Being a huge dork, I have arranged them in iTunes in the order they’d likely fall in a typical game:

  • “Rule Britannia”
  • “Wanderer”
  • “Towns”
  • “Shopping”
  • “Castles”
  • “Fanfar of Lord British”
  • “Dungeon”
  • “Combat”
  • “Shrines”

I’ve had “Wanderer” running through my head off and on since…what, 1985 or so?

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