Moving, writing, Jane Siberry’s music for free, why is the sun in the wrong place?

22 Nov

The Editorial team’s move to our new digs is underway. I now live in a cubicle that’s just like my old cubicle, but on the other side of the building and facing the opposite direction.

This seriously messes with my head. It’s like when my wife and I moved to the Atlantic coast and we couldn’t shake the unsettling feeling that the ocean was in the wrong place. Now the sun streams in through the window over my left shoulder, and whatever part of my brain is in charge of interpreting that kind of data in order to figure out where I am starts pulling on my sleeve and yelling at me: “The sun’s in the wrong place! The Earth’s turned upside-down! You’re falling!”

I’m writing a case study in which nothing much happens. Everything went as planned. There were no major challenges to overcome. There are no quantifiable benefits as yet, or even sparkling anecdotes, but the new environment is sure nice to have around. This is great from an implementation standpoint, but it’s sure boring to write about.

This is exciting, though: musical artist Jane Siberry offers self-determined prices for music downloaded through her Web site. You pay what you think is fair, or nothing at all if you wish; and you pay either now or later, after you’ve lived with the music for a while.

Her “Calling All Angels” duet with k.d. lang is gorgeous.

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