Taking heads and classes

5 Jan

The illness lingers, and will not let me sleep. Mneh.

I went to Open Game Night last night at Phoenix Games in Lynnwood. Along with services at our church, it’s the high point of my week. Last night I watched a game of Mall of Horror, and played Bang! and Guillotine. (I collected the head of Louis XVI, but someone grabbed it from me. Sadly, there was never a good opportunity to play the Scarlet Pimpernel card I held.)

I’m trying to decide whether this class would be worth dealing with downtown rush hour traffic:

The Killer Interview
Wednesday, 1/11, 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
In order to get the job or freelance project you want, you have to ace the interview. So you might want to listen up as three recruiters from Sakson & Taylor, one of Seattle’s top staffing firms, cover: >Doing your pre-interview homework >Developing your personal elevator speech >Knowing when to shut up >Questions you need to ask at every interview.

I could use the extra money from freelance work, but have very little idea of how to find and secure it.

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