Beginning with marathon airings of Match Game ’77 and The Wiz

11 Jan

Some of the Amazing Kreskin‘s predictions for 2006:

  • An interest will be generated in the work of Nipsy Russell who thirty or more years ago appeared on television as really the first rap artist making up words that described incidents that happened on a TV show in the hour before he came on. His work was cleaner, more devoid of hate and tasteless words.
  • More and more celebrities will embrace the use of Tarot cards in their lives.
  • Peanut Butter will have a rage-like fad of popularity not only with children and adults but pets as well.*
  • There will be a fad of practical jokes in which ice cubes will play a role whether they are dropped down people’s backs, placed in packets, or what have you.
  • The use of pendulums will flourish not only as a serious introspective technique but as a recreational experience.
  • Entertainment will reach a point that many people will find actual torture amongst private gatherings to be their form of perverted pleasure.**
  • Kids will be prone to imitate and experience various forms of torture.***
  • Suicide will increase amongst Dentists.
  • I still insist, as I have said for a number of years, that weapons of mass destruction have existed and do exist, they simply have not been found.****
  • One of the new television team news shows will be a disaster.


* “Rage-like”?
** “WILL reach a point”? Kreskin obviously doesn’t get around the Internet much.
*** Nor does he remember childhood very well.
**** At this point, Kreskin seems to be psychically channeling George W. Bush. Eerie!

From via The Saddest Girl Ever to Hold a Martini

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