Clarion Foundation Virtual Workshops

11 Jan

Dude, checkit: a topic that combines writing, computers, and geek stuff. Nirvana!

The Clarion Foundation now offers writers who can’t attend the Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers’ Workshop the opportunity to attend a Clarion workshop online.

A $50 donation to the foundation enrolls you in the Clarion Circle, which provides all sorts of writing-related online resources. Clarion Circle members may submit stories, novels, and novels-in-progress for workshopping by peers and professionals. Fees vary depending on the length of your work, ranging from $25 to $500.

The next time I have $50, I’m joining up. Exactly when I’ll next have $50 to spend remains in the realm of pure speculation; but I’ve set Goals for myself this year, including:

  • Complete one short story and submit it to at least three publications (online or print)
  • Land one freelance writing assignment

When I meet these goals and make me some writin’ money, Clarion membership would be a fine thing to spend some of it on.

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