Personally, my money would be on Morris Day and the Time.

12 Jan

In a recent post about how Slashdot chooses its stories, CmdrTaco touches on complaints about two specific contributors:

Now these submitters each have their problems. In Roland’s case, he likes to link to his personal blog where he writes mediocre summaries of stories that add nothing to the original. In BBs case, he just cuts and pastes paragraphs from linked pages.

Hey, that describes this blog! If I spam Slashdot enough with story ideas, maybe I can be famous like Roland and BB!

The competition for a blogging audience is daunting. Just today I followed a link to a blog entry that begins, “I have this idea that Prince would make an excellent coxswain.” How the hell do you match a line like that? She could have ended the entry right there and it’d still be comedy gold.

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  1. The Saddest Girl January 13, 2006 at 8:26 pm #

    Morris Day and the muthaf’in TIME, sucka!

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