Silence: golden? (BONUS CAT PHOTO)

7 Feb

I wanted to take a breath and let silence fill this space for a moment, so you could meditate on the deep insights in my last post, whatever the hell it was about.

Truthfully, I’m kinda slammed this week. A rush project landed on us that requires crackerjack coordination of people separated by distance, department, company, and industry, as we all try to build a mighty edifice out of bricks that change shape while we’re still holding them.

By “mighty edifice” I of course mean, “a bunch of brochures.”

Anyhoo, I have an A9 Bookmarks folder chock full of links to stuff I intend to write about real soon now. Steve Jobs and Disney! Digital anarchy and the end of cyberspace! DRM! The top 200 science fiction books of all time! The sinister use of “Manchurian fans” in Web forums! Attractive women in Star Trek uniforms! Black cherry and vanilla-flavored Coke!

In the meantime, I will invoke the time-honored traditions of the Interweb and instead post a picture of our cat Harlequin:

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