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7 Feb

While organizing my project folders, I discovered that several more of the case studies I’ve written for Microsoft have been published to the Web. I’ve updated the “Technology Marketing” section with these gems:

City West Water Increases Efficiency by Migrating to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

Global Media Company Expects 95 Percent Consolidation of File Server Backups

Interlink Builds Strong Partnerships to Provide Messaging Solutions

WebCentral Provides Enterprise-Grade Mobility Solution to Midsize Businesses

Interlink was one of my earliest case studies, and it was a real challenge: how do you write customer evidence when there’s no customer? Or evidence?

I’m fond of the work I did with Aussie companies WebCentral and City West Water. I think you can tell – especially with the WebCentral piece – that by this time I’d become more comfortable with this type of writing and had begun to work on my style, trying to make my copy more readable.

There’s a case study that hasn’t been published yet that I really love. It focuses on one person and his struggle to resolve a gnarly Exchange Server 2003 problem. It’s a rare gift to be able to write something in this format that’s human and engaging, even if the people who are likely to be engaged are other network administrators. I look forward to seeing it appear.

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