Fun with Google search: "Unfortunately…"

14 Feb

Here is a fun or sad interweb game!

Go to Google, and search for “Unfortunately Yournamehere“.

“Unfortunately Wade gets stranded in the Midwest after his car and possessions blow up on the road.”

“Unfortunately, Wade is a strange, not entirely friendly, character. While you manage to convince him to allow you to use his small helicopter and supply you with the fuel you’ll need to make the trips to Pinevale, he agrees only on two conditions: that you must answer a question about earthquakes before he supplies you with fuel, and that each time, he will supply you with just enough fuel to make a single journey.”

“Unfortunately, Wade soon found out that he was not as capable in the grocery business as he had been as a carpenter.”

“Unfortunately, Wade skips bail and flees to Switzerland where he will be safe from the long arms of the US justice system.”

“Unfortunately, Wade’s crew stole their moves and essentially, beat them, or ‘served’ them (which is where the film’s title comes from).”

“Unfortunately, Wade, they’re extremely fuckin’ heavy.”

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