"Howard Who?" reprint coming out in July

2 Mar

Sweet. Following a Boing Boing tip that Small Beer Press is having a sale, I went to their site and saw that they’re reprinting Howard Who?, a fantastic collection of Howard Waldrop’s short fiction.

I picked the book up at the San Diego Public Library years ago because I was looking for “The Ugly Chickens” – a story about the Dodo that I kept reading about but couldn’t find. The story turned out to be as great as I’d heard, but it was just one of a passel of tales I recognized as classics. “Heirs of the Perisphere”, now – that one really floored me, almost brought tears to my eyes. And “God’s Hooks”, and “Mary Margaret Road-Grader”. Man.

Of course I had to grudgingly give the book back when it was due. Now, almost ten years later, it will at last be mine. Mine!

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