Site update, blogging presentation, and Singapore

14 Mar

I updated the Technology Marketing section of this site with a case study I did on Siemens and its use of Exchange Server 2003.

Around 15 people came to my presentation on blogs, podcasts, wiki, and BitTorrent today. I think it went all right – unfortunately, I tried to cover too much ground and ran out of time with 13 slides to go. Tragically, I didn’t get a chance to get into my blogs-as-marketing case studies, such as the Nokia N90 blogger relations campaign, or the great Haunted Apiary viral marketing campaign for Halo 2.

Gah. My brain’s fried now.

A couple of my co-workers are going the Singapore office to help set up their customer evidence program. I thought of putting my name in the hat for the posting, but three months seemed like a very, very long time to be away from my wife.

Still, I’m jealous. Singapore!

Little girl said Chinese dumplings taste so good
And the tourists take pictures of
The phoenix all around the town
Singapore, Ah, Singapore
Many tall skyscrapers standing all in a row
In this Asian country just north of the equator
Singapore, Ah, Singapore

You can’t buy chewing gum anywhere in Singapore
But you can buy peppermint candy
Cause you eat it til it’s gone
Singapore, Ah, Singapore

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