Hideous, irritating MySpace an unexpected force for good

28 Mar

An estimated 15,000 Los Angeles high school students participated in a massive protest against the immigration bill currently before Congress. Boing Boing reports that the students used MySpace to organize, according to the Los Angeles Times‘ Joel Rubin.

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. What don’t teenagers use MySpace for? It’s funny, of course, because MySpace is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, which has a reputation for being slightly on the conservative side.

Photos and words:

downtown central city east blogger

eecue.com (Bonus points for use of the word “enmity” in a protest sign.)

The Huffington Post. (I’ll grant that the L.A. freeways look like that MOST of the time, but the crowds on the overpasses are pretty impressive.)

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