Writing is a glamorous job

25 Apr

I don’t have a transcript that I need in order to write a case study that’s due on Friday.

I have another case study due early next week, and a newsletter assignment that’s due Friday morning.

OPTION ONE: Send the audio file of the interview to the transcription service and let them turn it around for me as fast as they can.

OPTION TWO: Transcribe the interview myself.

If I do it myself, it’ll eat up a large chunk of my precious, precious time. (And when you’re tracking your billable hours, time is indeed money.) However, I wouldn’t be dependending on someone else to get the transcript back to me in a timely manner. Also, by transcribing the call myself, I can immerse myself in the story – get a better feel for it than I would from just reading a transcript, and maybe produce a better draft.

Perhaps I will transcribe it myself. Either way, I’ll feel like I made the wrong choice; but with Option Two, I ‘ll be too busy transcribing to brood over that possiblity.


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