The difference between Google and Live search on A9

4 May

The other day I noted that had switched from Google to Windows Live search, and wondered if I’d notice a difference.

Indeed I have! First, I discovered that the image results column has disappeared. I opened the “More Choices” menu thinking I’d find an alternative service at or near the top of the list. No dice – I guess I’ll have to browse the 300+ options and see if one of them meets that need. Drag.

I didn’t see the difference in search results until this morning. My wife will need our car in order to run some errands tomorrow, so I did an A9 search on “Seattle Transit” in order to find local bus schedules.

Before the switch, the King County Metro Online home page – exactly the site I need right now – was at the top of my A9 search results. What does Live think I’m looking for? Here’s the list of top A9 results today:

  1. Seattle Monorail Project
  2. Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel – Home Page
  3. Contact Us/List of Project Managers – Dowtown Seattle Transit Tunnel
  4. Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel Closure
  5. – Transportation – Transit and Commuting – Pedestrian
  6. Information Seattle, The Emerald City
  7. Information Seattle, The Emerald City
  8. – Transit and Commuting
  9. – Transportation
  10. Seattle Channel – Sound Transit Light Rail In-depth
  11. Smart Trek > Your Traffic Information Source for the Puget Sound
  12. King County Metro Transit

It’s possible that the info that I want is available through one of the 11 other sites above King County Metro Transit, right? So I clicked the most likely option, – Transit and Commuting. Three clicks later, I was at the King County Metro Transit trip planner. A Google search gets me there in one.


This weekend, I’m going to see a friend of mine who works at Amazon, the guy who told me about A9 in the first place. I’m gonna needle him mercilessly about this.

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  1. zia May 8, 2006 at 8:14 am #

    I, for one, am very unhappy with You’re the one who turned me on to it–and it has become my search engine of choice. But I’m with you — the lack of image results is a drag (and can’t find out how to turn it back on), and the search results are not nearly as pertinent as they used to be. I’ve gone back to google.

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