ElectriClerk: "It Never Rests"

16 May

Andrew Leman combined a 1988 Macintosh computer, a 1923 Underwood typewriter, and an armful of other parts to create the ElectriClerk – a diabolical thinking-machine that will surely spell the doom of civilization!

“Built for a game of Cthulhu Lives! that has yet to be played, this piece was inspired by the retro-futuristic machines in the movie Brazil by Terry Gilliam. It was one of the most difficult and time-consuming pieces I’ve ever attempted.

“Despite the ridiculous amount of abuse I subjected it to, and despite the fact that all its components are now exposed to the air, the 1988 Macintosh SE which forms the heart of this piece still works just fine.”

Effing brillant. And the stuff that lies beyond that “Cthulhu Lives!” link is overloading my H.P. Lovecraft-loving circuits.

Via Diane Duane’s blog

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