NYT: Generation Blog meets the Corporation

25 May

Via Slashdot, a New York Times article about the culture shock that results when young people – used to sharing the details of their lives with the world through their blogs – enter the workplace, where the laundry is kept inside, thankyouverymuch. (Link)

“The vast majority of organizations don’t have policies in place,” said Jennifer Schramm, a workplace trends and forecasting manager at the Society for Human Resource Management in Washington.

The group found last year that only 8 percent of the 404 human resource professionals it polled had blogging policies, while 85 percent did not. (The other 7 percent did not know.)

Ms. Schramm said that is just as bad for the employee as for the employer. “Right now it is tough for individuals to know what is happening because so few organizations have a clear policy about employee blogging,” she said.

The article is a good read. It describes how some employees are fired because of their blogs; some are fired but become wildly successful through their blogs as a result; and some put their blogs on their resumes and get sweet jobs with Paramount.

I’m not sure what led the writer to identify a 36-year-old as a member of “the generation entering the work world,” though.

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