Three cool 64-bit Windows case studies published

11 Jul

I updated my Technology Marketing section with links to a few of my recently published case studies about Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP 64-bit editions.

(In short: 64-bit computing is all about better performance and better use of memory, for mammoth computing tasks such as creating detailed 3-D simulations.)

I like these three case studies in particular, because I got to work with people in fascinating industries that I didn’t know much about before: oil exploration, music production, and computer animation. We had so much good material for each of them that I had to make some hard decisions about what to cut for space. I’m pretty happy with the results.

They were also done under a tight deadline, which we rocked with much hard work and long hours. Hooray for us.

Roxar Meets Oil Exploration and Production Challenges with 64-Bit Solution

Steinberg Gets Better Sound Quality, Higher Performance with 64-bit Computing

Softimage Creates Digital Magic with Microsoft 64-Bit Platform

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