The New Marketing: Future shock at E3, Codename Max marketing, drive-bys, and the KeyGhost hoax

17 Jul

I’ve been a wee busy beaver over at The New Marketing blog. BEHOLD MY BLOGGING:

Future shock: E3 and the new consumer frame of reference links to Steve Grant’s description of the mind-blowing media he saw at E3, and his ruminations on what it means for marketing. Steve is a Creative Strategist at TDI, part of the mighty Omnicom marketing zaibatsu.

Codename Max developers are not robots contrasts the slick-and-shiny school of Microsoft marketing – such as the potential/passion campaign – with that of the Microsoft Codename Max team, who are real, live human beings and can prove it. does a drive-by on Microsoft reveals my growing fondness for mass transit, and my fascination with the in-your-face campaign. Sun Microsystems calls Microsoft out on its own turf. Booya! But does it, you know, work?

Dell blogger wearily addresses keylogging hoax is about Internet hoaxes and how much they suck. I also managed to work in a photo of my cat.

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