Two new Exchange Server 2007 case studies

18 Jul

I’ve updated my Technology Marketing section with links to two piping-hot case studies about Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

APA–The Engineered Wood Association Simplifies IT Management with Next-Generation Messaging System

New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications Expects Huge Cost Savings with New Messaging System

I really like writing about Exchange Server, because people love products that make it easier for them to communicate and work together. They get excited about them, and they almost always have specific examples of how they’ve made life better.

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And Exchange Server lends itself to creating a well-rounded story. Some network products are invisible to users. Exchange Server is a big, highly visible presence in users’ daily lives; so you get the technical back-end perspective, as well as the human interest story about how the people in Sales think that the new Microsoft mobile messaging solution is the greatest thing they’ve seen since disco.

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These two case studies were particularly interesting to write because they focus on IT guys taking brand-new technology out for a spin, and then sharing their opinions about the results. Good stuff.

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