That was the week that was

4 Sep

So last weekend – not this past weekend, but before that – I attended the Penny Arcade videogame expo, which was physically exhausting but a tremendous emotional high.

Then on Monday, my cat died.

On Tuesday, two major projects with very tight deadlines kicked off.

On Wednesday, three case studies came back needing customers’ edits incorporated.

Then on Thursday and Friday, I worked on the major-projects-with-tight-deadlines.

On Friday night I went with Angela and a couple of friends to the “People Talking and Singing” benefit show for 826 Seattle.

On Saturday, I caught a day of the Bumbershoot music and arts festival (and this year, roller derby tournament host.)

We made Sunday as much of a quiet day as we could. We went to church (I hadn’t been in a couple of weeks), and talked with Father John about art and spirituality and flagellation afterward. (It turns out to be a symbolic gesture, rather than genuinely messing yourself up). We ate lunch at Acapulco Fresh. We intended to watch anime DVDs all the rest of the day, but when I realized that we didn’t have chocolate covered raisins, I felt compelled to go to the store, where a special discount prompted me to get five 12-packs of Diet Coke and a free Dreyer’s Light ice cream.

Then we watched Azumanga Daioh, which was nutty and fun.

Today, I’m going to put in some work on one of the projects. Our team is flying down to San Jose on Wednesday to meet with the client. I guess I’d better review that list of stuff you can’t bring on planes, and figure out what bus will get me into Kirkland in time to carpool to the airport.


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