But Abe Vigoda’s okay, right?

19 Dec

For the past couple of days, the Firefox browser on my work laptop was having weird formatting problems. Pages were pushed over to the far right, and the status bar at the bottom contained a string of text telling me that all sorts of HTML formatting wasn’t found. I removed and reinstalled Firefox, and the problem persisted.

Just moments ago I realized that the errors were coming from the Firefox plugin that tells me whether actor Abe Vigoda is alive or dead. Now I guess I’ll have to monitor the status of his health the same as everyone else.

One Response to “But Abe Vigoda’s okay, right?”

  1. Gabrielle December 28, 2006 at 7:43 am #

    I used to have that plugin! Unfortunately, after the big HDD meltdown of fall 2005, I never got around to reinstalling it, I guess I figured I could sleep well knowing others were monitoring his status… I know, it’s a cop out (pun not intended).

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