Science report 12.28.2006

28 Dec



  • Taking advantage of a brief post-holiday lull to update timesheets, organize e-mail and docs, and work on small, low priority projects.
  • Installed Skype.


  • Our 12-year wedding anniversary approaches.
  • As does the iRiver mp3 player/recorder that didn’t make it in time for Christmas.
    • When the iRiver arrives, podcasting will ensue.
  • Unknown Armies one-shot at Phoenix Games rescheduled for January 5th.

Outstanding issues

  • The Redeemer site still displays the wrong day for events. Where’s the problem – in the RS Events plugin, or the LivingOS PSI template? Or is it perhaps Satan?

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  1. Angela Rockett December 28, 2006 at 4:53 pm #

    Definitely Satan.

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