Science report 1.13.2007

13 Jan


  • Went to the company holiday party on Thursday at the BluWater Bistro in Kirkland.
    • Bacon-wrapped scallops are an excellent idea with which I am 100% on board.
    • Comparing and contrasting Jewish and Christian eschatology in a noisy room with people who’ve been drinking a bit is a poor idea and should be avoided.
  • Am waiting for six pieces to come back from customer review.
  • A corporate intranet project requiring 30 pages of original content has been scheduled to begin the week of Janurary 22nd.
  • Scheduled a kickoff meeting for a new media brainstorming group.


  • Celebrated our 12th anniversary on Saturday (the actual day was Monday, New Year’s Day) . We ate dinner at Wild Ginger, had dessert at Gelatiamo across the street, and then attended the symphony at Benaroya Hall.
  • On the first day of snow, commuted home with my friend Kris. It was a two and a half hour drive. While we idled in traffic on Lake Washington Boulevard I got out, walked over to Kidd Valley Hamburgers, and picked us up some dinner.
  • Got sick. Started to pull out, but then a combination of trudging through snow and cold and going to the company party set me right back. Voice is scratchy and hoarse; Joe Strummer impression has improved significantly.
  • Went to Microsoft to do usability testing on an upcoming product. Am under nondisclosure agreement, so I cannot reveal details. As a reward, I will receive a fabulous prize of my choosing from the Microsoft Store.


  • Our church secretary still hasn’t taken to the concept that he can update the Announcements page himself now. Do I keep updating it myself so that our congregation remains informed about current events and schedule changes? Or do I step down so that he can step up, in the manner of the current Iraqi government?
    • This is a bad analogy.


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