Angela’s birthday today!

28 Feb

We’re having lunch at Perche No (recommended by a co-worker) and then we’re going to the zoo. There’s a baby tiger on the premises, but sadly we won’t be able to see him until April. Which is totally doable since my Georgia parents gave Angela and I zoo memberships for her birthday.

The last time we went to a zoo together it rained. The animals peered out of their dens at us, clearly wondering what the hell we were doing. I’m looking out the window and it looks as if this might be a similar trip. Here’s hoping it clears up soon.

I told Angela that we could also go to a bead store if she wanted. Because it’s her birthday, and I am willing to make that sacrifice.

I have a crapload of writing to do when I return to work tomorrow, and all of it due more or less immediately. Gah.

Oh yeah – last night was my first vestry meeting at church. The vestry is responsible for deciding how the church’s operating budget should be spent. I intend to move at every meeting that we use the entire budget to build a space ark. Or a robot.

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