Next week will be Abandoned Projects Week

21 Jun

A recent post on 43 Folders described Jason DeFillippo’s 90-day program to clean up his act before he turns 36.

On July 6, I turn 40 years old. I don’t have nearly enough time to clean up my act (I’d need about 20 years for that), but maybe I can join the ranks of the indisputably middle-aged with something of an attitude adjustment. Perhaps I can scrape away a few things that have clung to my mind like barnacles for the past couple of decades.

To that end, I am declaring next week Abandoned Projects Week on Rockett Science. Each day I will post about a project that I started and never finished, but which still hangs around on my hard drive and in some tiny corner of my brain under the category “Something I’m officially still working on, except I’m not and never will be.”

Thus shall I exorcise these sad ghosts by naming them.

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