Abandoned Project: My Life On Earth Prime

26 Jun

Abandoned novels? I got a million of ’em!

Earth Prime

The Project

My Life On Earth Prime* was to be a hilarious yet touching coming of age story. The main character and his friends were high school nerds who passed the time reading comic books, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and arguing about whether Robert Heinlein could beat Robert Silverberg in a fight. Or something.

As the story progressed, they, ah…


Why it was abandoned

That’s all there was to it. I had no story, or characters with any real depth – just a bunch of geeky pop culture references and generic high school situations. Mind you, one could write an enjoyable piece of fiction that meets that description, but I couldn’t shake the conviction that this novel had to be Profound and Meaningful. It turned out that I had nothing profound or meaningful to say on the subject, so I hung it up.

* See Earth Prime (Flash: Those Who Ride The Lightning)

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