Imad from Link Mosaic bought me a Coke!

5 Jul

I will be enjoying a cane sugar Coca-Cola from the Colonia Hispania market real soon now, thanks to a donation by Imad from Link Mosaic. Thanks Imad!

“Link Mo-whatty?” you might be asking. From the site:

Each link and banner on this site represents a mosaic of online merchants. These merchants will contribute a percentage of transactions made [through] this site, if there is enough funds each month it will be donated to an NGO. The cause name and the amount will be listed monthly.

One Response to “Imad from Link Mosaic bought me a Coke!”

  1. TAKAOM97 July 6, 2007 at 7:43 am #

    Hop you are enjoying your drink.

    And thank you for the idea, I likes it..

    The Idea behind LM came to me a year ago, during the crazy shopping holiday season, I wanted to give some back..

    It is slowly growing thanks. And am always looking for volunteers to help promote and design it.


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