In which I realize that I have to become a Sound Guy

19 Jul

The good news is that the site for my upcoming podcast, Writing For Pay, is up!

Actually, I don’t really have bad news. Bad news would be financial calamity, illness, unemployment. My “bad news” is that I thought I’d finished editing the first episode of the podcast last night, but upon listening to it I realized that it needs a lot more work.

I recorded all of my interviews with my portable iRiver MP3 player/recorder. I recorded the rest of the show using a Logitech USB mic plugged into my iBook. I also spliced in transitional music recorded using I know not what equipment and settings.

The levels and…I don’t know quite how to describe it, the texture of the sound? were very different for each track. The stuff recorded using the USB microphone had a “cleaner” sound, I guess, but the iRiver’s output was much richer, warmer. The mic stuff sounds quiet and a little stifled.

I’m going to dive back into Audacity and see if I can figure out how to harmonize all of the different elements. If I can’t make it work I think I might re-record all of the non-interview segments using the iRiver.

It probably has something to do with the fact that I bought the microphone that I could afford at the time – that is, the cheapest one available.

This is the least attractive aspect of the process to me, but there’s just no getting around it.

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