16 Nov

My first post using Windows Live Writer, which impressed the heck out of me at Blog World Expo.

I’m hiding in a disused conference room the other end of the building today. I’ve got my laptop and power cord, a bag of animal crackers, and a travel mug for cold water or hot tea. Writing essentials.

I need solitude: I have a two-page solution sheet to start and finish today, because we’re flying down to Southern California for Thanksgiving on Monday.

The room is on the corner, with two windows. Outside it’s all gray with fog and drifting sheets of rain.

rain drop

When you’re tired like I am and it’s raining like this, it’s hard not to feel sad. It would be nice if I had the luxury of indulging this feeling: listen to sad music, drink something hot, look out at the rain and let the mood come and go like the weather.

But there’s science to do. We do what we must, because we can.

I told the listeners of Writing For Pay that if there isn’t a show up on Saturday, they can do physical harm to me. For all I know someone will take me up on it, so it’s quite a motivator.

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