Church of Scientology fights video with video plus a recycled Microsoft slogan

24 Mar

In January, a…group? gang? confederation? posse?…of Internet users launched a campaign of attacks on the Church of Scientology. Its manifesto was delivered as a YouTube video by “Anonymous”.

Today I clicked on a link that led me to a YouTube video* and I saw this ad off to the side:

Scientology GTF

The ad links to a video portal on the Church’s Web site, which Mashable says has been up since mid-March.  I haven’t watched the videos but I assume that they compare the effectiveness of Scientology and Linux.

*Michael Jackson’s “Bad”

One Response to “Church of Scientology fights video with video plus a recycled Microsoft slogan”

  1. Marcos September 21, 2008 at 5:00 pm #

    Well, I’m not Scientologist, but I’ve read Dianetics and in my opinion, all those Anonymous and things are just teens trying to appear. What is being taught in the book is just a psycological (a good and reasonable one) theory. If people get to pay for courses, well…why not? Have you ever seen how much $$$$$$$ people pay to Universities just to learn how to be a professional learned unemployed?? If you are paying to get rid of the source of most of your problems (reactive mind) then again, why not?
    As far as I can see, many of those who are against scientology may very well have hidden interests…

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