Pro PR Tips from CNET’s Rafe Needleman on Twitter

21 Aug

CNET’s Rafe Needleman occasionally posts “Pro PR Tips” on his Twitter account. If you’re a PR person who’s pitching Rafe, or who might someday, it would be a swell idea to follow him. (UPDATE 8/27: Rafe’s official archive of his PR tips is at

Here’s what he’s Twittered so far (yes, there are two #6s):

  • Pro PR tip #8: Speakerphones suck.
  • Pro PR tip #7: Put your email address in your direct Twitters!
  • Pro PR tip #6: If a product reviewer contacts you with a criticism of something you just pitched, asking for an explanation, respond asap.
  • PR tip #6 Twitter pitch? Ok, but direct only, and provide link and reply email in the Tweet.
    • Afterward he Twittered, “@TDefren points out that PR ppl can’t pitch via D msg if I’m not following them. Good!”
  • Pro PR tip #5: A pitch on IM? Ugh. A least make sure I want to hear it before you start. Better yet: EMail (maybe this is just me).
  • Pro PR tip #4: “Webinar?” Err, no.
  • Pro PR Tip #3: You want me to do a 30-minute media audit on the phone? Bwahahaha.
  • Pro PR tip: If you talk to me on the phone and I ask you to follow up by email, do so *immediately*, while our call is still on my mind.
  • Pro PR tip: If you ask me what’s a good time to call, I will tell you a time when I know I am not available.

Another Tweet worth keeping in mind:

  • Once again, on the prowl for actual *innovation* and *usefulness* in new Web apps.

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  1. Rafe August 27, 2008 at 11:00 am #

    Thanks for this post! FYI I have created the Official Archive of Pro PR Tips, on this new blog:

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