Gamers are taking to Google+ like ducks to water

5 Aug

You know who’s really diving headfirst into Google+ and figuring out pretty quickly how it fits into their lives? Gamers and game designers, at least from what I’m seeing.

I’m getting more gaming-related adds there than any other kind; and I’m getting more gaming-related adds on Google+ than I get on Twitter and Facebook. Once someone who’s passionate about games sees that you’re in a gamer’s, game blogger’s or game designer’s circle, there’s little or no shyness about adding you to their own circles.

Also, gamers are eagerly testing its features out and pushing them to the limits. DMs are already using Hangouts to run tabletop RPGs across distances, and giving some good feedback on the experience. Now they’re talking about recording Hangout sessions for sharing later as “actual play” reports.

If you’re in PR or marketing, your clients will want to know what Google+ does and does not do well, and how the audiences they want to reach are likely to use it to get and share information. You could do worse than to get involved in some gaming circles and pay close attention to what they’re doing.

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