New short story in Midgard Preview from Kobold Press

26 Oct

Midgard Preview coverMy very short story “At the Sign of the World Serpent” is one of two pieces of fiction in Midgard Preview, which you can download free from Kobold Press. DriveThruRPG named Midgard Preview the Free Product of the Week in the current issue of its e-newsletter.

The other piece of fiction in the book  is by best-selling author and award-winning game designer Jeff Grubb. The credits also include Ben McFarland, who just won a gold ENnie award at Gen Con, and Wolfgang Baur who is…well, he’s Wolfgang Baur. It’s an honor to be included, is what I’m saying.

It also makes me think that “Grubb and Rockett” would be a great name for a business in a steampunk story. Maybe they’d make rocket packs.

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