Register for SECRET OF WARLOCK MOUNTAIN at Big Bad Con

22 Sep

I’m running two sessions of my Hillfolk/DramaSystem series pitch The Secret of Warlock Mountain at Big Bad Con in October! As of this update (October 10), there are still seats available at the table. If you’re attending and want to get your Hillfolk on, use the links below to register:

The Secret of Warlock Mountain

Fri Oct 13, 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Sat Oct 14, 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

System: DramaSystem

Safety tools: X-card

Room (table): Contra Costa II (56)

Max number of players: 6

Length: 4 hours

Characters: Provided


Create an episode from a mid-60s sci-fi TV series that never was! With DramaSystem, players collectively improvise a compelling story of emotional need and conflict within a tightly-knit group of people.

In this session inspired by the 1975 movie Escape to Witch Mountain, you play castaways from a doomed planet seeking safety and a new home in small-town central California. You must struggle to adjust as a community to this new world, find your fellow castaways, and keep your true nature a secret from your human neighbors.

The game includes collaborative character generation and setting development, but the GM will provide role-based character templates such as Captain, Elder, Teenager, Comic Relief, and Criminal.

Game tags: Aliens, Collaborative, Comical, Drama, Emotional, Improv, Melancholy, Modern, Play to find out, Player antagonism, Sci-Fi, Serious, Silly, Super Powers

Warlock Mtn
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