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Nerdiest Photo Ever

16 Apr

Me at my grandmother’s house, 1981. Note the AD&D manual, t-shirt from band camp, and wacky hat. My geek flag was flying.

Albany, GA 1981

Nerdiest Photo Ever on Flickr, a challenge posted by the You Look Nice Today group.

Watchmen movie t-shirt fills me with excitement, dread

31 Mar

Through one of those co-worker of a friend of a friend things, my pal Philip now owns a t-shirt from the production crew of the upcoming Watchmen movie.

Watchmen shirt

Click the thumbnail for a larger image.

I’ve seen so many things that I love turned into shitty movies lately. V For Vendetta. King Kong. The Two Towers. I really hope this is good. The t-shirt is nice, right? That’s something!

Meet me at SXSWi 2008

6 Mar

SXSWi badge

I’m in Austin, Texas right this very second for the South by Southwest Interactive festival. If you’re coming too, keep an eye out for this clown:

Here’s a photo I took in downtown Austin with my new BlackJack mobile phone:

Downtown Austin

I believe this is where the Ghostbusters will have their final showdown with Zuul.

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